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Bpo Job | Copy paste Job | 1977 | Survey Job | daily payment

Added September 14, 2021
Advert ID: 6369

DESCRIPTION / AD TEXT We will be providing you content which targets our client business information. You Job is to post those contents on the website. You will be paid up to Rs.5/- for each and every valid content posted. Work at your own time. Data posting tools and list of posting websites will also be provided by management. You don’t need a website or prior experience to join. Log in to your account, Copy the text from the tools section, paste it in the website and your data will be posted in minutes. Along with your earnings.
For Further details contact 1977 : SHABEER AHAMED
8088776777 OR

Image classification — A multiple-choice task. Examples are moderating content or grouping images by category.
Side-by-side image comparison — The performer compares pairs of images, illustrations, or interfaces.
Object recognition and area selection — The performer labels the areas on an image that co

Price: Rs. 100.00

Location: Karnataka
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